December 14, 2008

I’ve decided to move again! Check me out HERE.


Aw, life.

November 28, 2008

The semester is beginning to wrap up. I have two take-home exams and one exam to sit. I can’t believe my second year of university is half over. 

I’ve been doing nothing much at all really. I go back to work next week, working all five days – which is a crazy way to start off! But hopefully it’ll help me clear some debts and get my plans for Italy underway.

Italy! Chris and I really want to go this summer. It costs sooooo much and I’m going to have a tough time saving, but if we make it, it’ll be amazing.

All my Facebook friends are changing their statuses to “WDW ICP 09” and it makes me so sad that I’m not going back. I had a crap roommate situation, but I still had an amazing time and I want to go back so badly! One day. One day. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to go on vacation at least.

My leg is getting better and better. The scar is hardly ridged at all now, it’s just flat which is excellent.

Life, is pretty good.


A Rant

November 17, 2008

Part One:

There are no handicapped parking spots for students at the University of Windsor. For a school who claims to be so open-minded and accessible, I have no where to park. WTF?

Part Two:

Communications classes at the University of Windsor SUCK. The SIX foundations classes that come after the Introduction class all overlap. Why am I paying to take six classes when I could take one and get it over with. For example, I’m in Communications Theory right now, and we’re discussing the political economy of communications – which is a completely separate class. 

Get it together Windsor. You FAIL.


Sunday Sunday Sundae?

November 17, 2008

Dammit, now I want ice cream.

Yesterday was a busy day, and today’s looking busy too. Sunday from 10am to about 1pm was Church/Sunday School/Children’s Rehearsal for next week. We made fingerprint people in Sunday School as we talked about how everybody had different talents. We also made a sweet mural thing which I’m going to ask about hanging so that everyone can see.

I’m pretty proud of my class. I really enjoy teaching them, all the kids are so different from eachother.

After that, I went and continued painting for a bit. I guess the painting is almost done, which is excellent. Means I’ll have a job soon. 

Amanda picked me up for our DAT event and ceremony. We got some subs and then hit A&P for some snacks. Spending time with Amanda always makes me happy.

The DAT event went super long, but I we welcomed six new sisters in the sorority, so it was well worth it. I had some good chats with Dana-girl last night, which was excellent. 

I didn’t get to see Chris, which makes me sad. Today, today, today! I’m v. excited, I miss him a lot.

I’ve decided to go down to part-time status at school, did I say that yesterday?

Today so far I’ve gotten my handicapped parking permit, met with my manager at McDonalds, made a Spark deposit, and procrastinated! I’ve still got lots of day left!!



November 15, 2008

Yesterday, I went for my post-op appt. expecting Doctor A. to lock the brace between 0 and 20 degrees. Nope! Instead, he unlocked it entirely, said go for full range of motion and sent me back to physiotherapy. 

I called the physiotherapy place right after I got home and found out that if I came in today instead of Monday, I’d save myself 40 bucks. So OBVIOUSLY that’s what I did. My pipi goes to the same physiotherapy place, so I arranged for a ride, but he left without me, which was sad.

Physio wasn’t too bad. They went easy on me. Bending is so frightening, but I’m getting better at it. I got to shower! Which was excellent, and got my leg wet, which was lovely. The doctor said I could sleep without the brace on, but I’m just not ready yet. Soon, soon.

Other than that, yesterday was the littlest sister’s birthday, today was her party. Today was also an Odyssey of the Mind meeting, with Chris, Jess, Kim, and Kenten. We really hammered out some amazing details. I love it!

Tomorrow I’m painting! Lisa, the neighbor down the street, has leased (??) a building to use as a studio, so now it needs to be painted. I’m also going to apply to a few places to work for Christmas help, because I super duper need a job!

That’s all for now I suppose. I have an annotated bibliography due Monday and no idea what to do for it!



November 10, 2008

Snow is awful. It’s white, which sucks. And slippery, which sucks more. And usually, it’s accompanied by cold temperatures, which is just double-y worse.

Snow + wheelchair + ice = bad news bears. Like, extreme bad news bears. I’m not looking forward to it. The ramp grades here are all wrong and I’m going slip and slide like mad.

Other than that, life’s alright. I’m doing okay. I went to DAT formal on Saturday and I had a lot of fun. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy myself.


Birthday Blitz!

November 6, 2008

I turned 19 and stayed sober the whole day. It was excellent.

I got cake for breakfast at the lovely hour of 8am. It was amazing. I opened my DS at that time & played with it all morning.

I went to the Chilifest and handed out stickers and suckers to little kids. And big kids too. They ran out of chili, so the event ended early. 

Then I came home and Jess and Chris came over and we made cupcakes. Then they left, and then we had dinner. And then the Wilson’s came in the door singing Happy Birthday with ANOTHER cake. I got a lovely assortment present from them, but had to rush out the door to Sparks.

At Sparks we had a birthday party! It was Bubbles and Sparkle and Madelynn and Vanessa and Hannah and Anastasia’s birthday. We made hats and played party games and decorated yummy cupcakes that we got to bring home. 

Amee picked me up from Sparks and we headed to Sheena’s. I came in the door to a birthday cake full of candles and all my lovely sisters singing happy birthday to me! It was a lovely surprise, I think orchestrated by a bff, Amanda. 

After the Spa/Mocktails night, which was an excellent evening, Amee drove me home and we had a mini-rant session in the car. I love my big sister!

All in all, it was an excellent birthday. I got to see all the people I love the most. Thanks everyone!